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Cloud Spa Celebrates Global Wellness Day 2019

With its fourth year participating in the world wide event, Cloud Spa and CEO Mitchel Rivera are excited to bring a special event to San Juan, Puerto Rico in celebration of Global Wellness Day. "I have had the privilege to have sat on the first round tables of GWD since the beginning with the founder Belgin Aksoy," explains Mitchel. "The global movement is one of awareness and action. I am proud to see the global impact that has developed and the future of GWD is one of hope!"

What exactly is Wellness Day? We all want to be healthier and live a better life both physically and spirituality- this day focuses on just that. With their slogan "One day can change your whole life", it aims to teach us that we really can do anything to shift our lives into our dream life. This day aims to do the following:⁣ ⁣

☀️ Recognize the value of our lives⁣

🌸 Pause and think. Take a moment!⁣

🌈 Be free from everyday stress & bad habits ⁣

✌️ Make peace with ourselves⁣

👀 Raise awareness about living well and increase motivation for the rest of the year.⁣

Mitchel truly believes in GWD and the mission of daily wellness. "We can find wellness everywhere, however it is each of us as individuals to decide to implement them in our lives. I choose to make wellness part of my every day and furthermore I have made it a part of my lifestyle."

This year, the event is full of fitness, relaxation, and self-care: wellness in a nutshell! Located in Gallery Plaza, it all starts at 11am with a yoga class hosted at LIV Fitness Club, Condado. Make sure to get there early as registration for the class begins at 10am and is at a first come, first serve basis. Starbucks will be providing delicious coffee and teas as refreshments, and Cloud Spa will be giving chair massages from 10am-12pm. Take advantage and check out promotions the gym may be having, and certainly stop by the spa. Ask for a tour and their membership offers. Talk about wellness all year long!

Mitchel Rivera has big plans for the future of the Global Wellness Day celebration in Puerto Rico, and hopes to see it live here for many years to come. "I hope to gain more government support and media coverage in the future to continue the promise to spread Global Wellness."

Namaste, indeed.

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