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Spa Membership: A Monthly Escape

There are only five and a half weeks left in 2019. Time flies! The end of the year allows us to look back and ponder on how we've lived these last months. Have we kept those New Years resolutions? Have we made health a priority? Have we remembered to keep in touch with family and friends? Have we been kind to others, and ourselves in return? Perhaps we've focused on our home, or put more hours in at work for that promotion. One thing that many people I've asked have told me is: "this year I wish I had taken more time for just me, myself, and I."

In asking people what they've learned this year, we kept hearing the same thing over and over. People are overstressed, and they think (or hope) that it'll go away on its own. Most know they should schedule some time for rest and relaxation- or at the very least to just breathe! Unfortunatly, most don't. At Cloud Spa, we wondered how we can help make that a bit easier, and we knew we had an answer when we revamped out memberships.

Keeping your body rested and healthy shouldn't be a luxury- its a necessity. Making it a habit or part of your routine shouldn't be difficult either, but something you look forward to. Regularly scheduled massages are a key part to well-being and less stress. Cloud Spa has made it simple with our Anani Membership.

So what exactly is our Anani Membership? Well, the name Anani in numerology means "the act of creating", and that is exactly what we hope it provides for you. A creation of wellness and health into your life. The membership includes one 50 minute service a month from one of the following:

  • massage: a wonderful way to destress the body and the mind

  • facial: essential to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin

  • wood therapy: an ancient but true way of detoxifying the body to promote blood circulation for over-all wellness to the body

We wanted the membership to encourage our clients to try new modalities and "create" their own package to meet their needs and truly make it their own experience.

In addition to the one service a month, our members can enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • Two kailani passes per month (our steamroom, shower hallway and popular salt water pool)

  • 15% off any other services

  • 10% off all retail

  • Option to "share" your membership to a family or friend

If you've been considering a way to bring more wellness into your life, consider giving the Anani Membership a try. At only $99 a month, it's a perfect way to ensure a monthly escape.

We hope you join us at Cloud Spa, and make it your home away from home.

*We also think our Anani Membership would be a GREAT gift for the holidays! Call and ask about our "Intro To Anani", and give them a gift card for a one month membership.

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