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My Six Secrets to Success

By Hanna Duncan- Founder of Well Products


As women, we have a natural inclination to get everything done and to

have it all, and at times we become our own worst enemy. But in my twenty

years of entrepreneurship, of my almost forty-six years of life, I have

learned these six secrets will always be true, regardless of where you are

in your life or career path.

#1. It Will Never Be Perfect

Most people fail to launch their new ideas, business or speak up in

meetings, or try out for that new thing because they think their idea, or even

they, are not perfect. But what you will realize is that it never will be perfect.

You will keep evolving and growing as the market, technology, and people

around you keep evolving. So, there are times when tiny adjustments need

to be made to make this thing, or you, even better, but the only way to

make that happen is to start. It is only then when you will actually know the

right questions to ask, therefore understanding how to make it better.

So often, my best ideas have come from launching ideas when they were

not 100% ready. But I would have never known how to make them perfect

until I was able to use them in the real world, with feedback from hundreds

of customers.

Likewise, in my personal life, after my divorce I knew that I wanted to be in

a relationship again, but frankly wasn’t ready. So, I needed to date and get

out there before I realized what I liked, did not like, and understand how my

own tastes and priorities had changed throughout the years.

#2 If You Don't Love It, It Will Never Work

If you are only doing it for the money, it gets old quickly. You start to take

short cuts, procrastinate, and find ways to get it over with. If you are doing

something to only make someone else happy, you begin to loath it, and

them, and become miserable.

When you are excited every single morning to wake up and work on it,

whatever it is, then you will always find a way to make it better and more

successful. When you are doing what you love, the money will

automatically come because you cannot wait to work on it and make it


#3 Keep Learning

I absolutely LOVE learning. Whether it is a new way of thinking about an

idea, a life hack I saw on TikTok, or listening to my favorite podcasts about

Entrepreneurs struggles. Learning is what keeps the juices flowing, and it

trains your brain to think about things differently, see the world differently,

and understand things from other people’s perspectives. When you always

have it in your mind to learn something new, you start seeing the world as a

much bigger "bowl" of opportunities.

#4 Learn to Communicate to Anyone

Communication is an art, and understanding how people need to receive

information is critical to getting your way. Most people spend a lot of time

fighting to get their point across when, in reality, if you give them the

information the way they need to hear it, then you will usually succeed.

Some people are analytical and want facts and figures, while others are

visual and need visual aids to understand what you are talking about. If

you do not give them either of these groups the information the way they

need it, they will almost always say no.

Another way is by using the power of touch. People usually respond well to

touch in a non-intrusive way. Whether it’s a light touch on the arm, cupping

a handshake with both hands, or a hug – people will always respond

warmly to touch because you made them feel comfortable.

Pro Tip: One of your biggest opportunities for success is to talk to people

about things you do not agree on. When you understand their perspective,

as wrong to you as it may be, you are able to learn how to understand

where they are coming from. You can often times find a compromise that

they will agree on, but if not – you have just learned how to go around


#5 Ask For Help

Asking for help is one of the hardest things for women to do, but we all

need a little help sometimes. It could be a little break from family, a little

help with the house, or just being stuck on a project and not knowing what

to do next. That is when it is time to stop what you are doing, and call

someone who can help or just act as a sounding board, have a drink, and

talk it out.

Now, there have been MANY times that all I did was sound it out to my

girlfriend who knows nothing about my field – and it totally works!

Sometimes you just need someone who does not know anything about

what you are doing, but who will ask the questions that no one else would.

Other times you need a mentor. And its not like this has to be someone

who you are formally going to need on a regular basis. Sometimes it is

someone who has much more knowledge in this subject, and you just need

a little time. A simple phone call or coffee will do it. Those who have

“made it” are always ready to help the next woman in line. Believe me –

everyone loves to be a teacher. So just ask for help.

#6 Make Time For Yourself

I know, I know… We always hear about the benefits of activities like

morning mantras, yoga, exercise, and meditation, but the truth is that not

everyone enjoys these practices (and when I say “everyone” I mean me).

But what I’m saying is that it will NEVER BE OVER. That endless list of

tasks, responsibilities, and chores will never truly be finished. It's an

ongoing process. So, it's essential to schedule some time for yourself to do

something that brings you joy. It could be anything that makes you happy

and fulfilled.

I once knew a woman who loved pizza, and every week she would visit a

new pizza spot, even if it was an hour or two away. It was her way of

making time for herself and enjoying something she loved.

Another woman I knew would take an hour-long bath every night. Every

night!Can you imagine? Even though she had a busy life with children and

a career, she made it a priority for herself. I was always impressed by her

ability to prioritize her own needs and the positive impact it had on her life.

She was a better mother, wife, and friend for it.

Remember, it's important to make your own goals, your own priorities, and

your own time a top priority. Don't compare yourself to others or worry

about what they are doing – it’s all a facade. It's okay to take a break and

enjoy the things that make you happy. Even if you are struggling or feeling

overwhelmed, try to find excitement in what you are doing, or find

something that will. Success comes from being happy and fulfilled in your

daily life, so make sure to go out and do what you want in the way that

makes you happiest. Good Luck!

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